Tuesday, November 11, 2014

[ Xiang Shan ]

Coucou mes amours!

Went to Xiang Shang [ Fragrant Hill ] this weekend. Such a beautiful place with a gorgeous view. All the leaves were turning red or more likely orange. 
This pictures don't do justice so I hope that one day you would visit this beautiful hill in autumn...

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Coat: Zara[ similar here]
Bag: Fossil Sydney Satchel
Top: gift [ similar here ]
Bottom: Promod [similar here]

Sunday, November 2, 2014

[ Boots ]

Coucou mes amours!

Finally a little update... I am currently in Beijing, China and it will be my new home for 6 months [ Hoping to stay that long ]. I went to buy this adorable boots with a little peek a boo cheetah print on the derriere of the boots.  I just love them. Beijing has been very windy and cold so staying warm is very very important...

Thank you for reading.

Boots: Hotwind T Mall [ similar here & here ]